What You Should Know About Me

To know me is to know my three daughters, Kim, Karen, and Meredith. They and their families have brought me the greatest joy. We love spending time together and laughing out loud. There is nothing better than that.

Everything French And Italian

  • 1. My iMac
  • 2. My iPhone
  • 3. Veuve Clicquot Champagne
  • 4. CBS Sunday Morning
  • 5. Jean-Georges-Nougatine Room
  • 6. fresh Sugarbath, lychee and lemon scent sugar cubes
  • 7. Gilt - champagne and flat bread pizza
  • 8. AG jeans
  • 9. The Sunday New York Times
  • 10. Manco & Manco Pizza
  • Favorite Movie:
  • Something's Gotta Give- Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson
  • Favorite Books:
  • The Paris Wife, Paula McLain; The Social Animal, David Brooks